Sara truly was placed on this planet with a gift - to coach and mentor those who are in need of an outlet to heal. Professional, compassionate and intelligent, Sara is undoubtedly a blessing to her field.

To be honest, I had my doubts going into my first Breathwork session. Not one who connects with my breath easily, I was afraid that the session was not going to be valuable for me. Also, being a little strapped for cash, I also was hesitant to spend the money on myself. With all of this in mind, my session was EVERYTHING that I had hoped for and MORE!

Sara left me feeling energetically lighter and more open. With her by my side, I was able to explore current emotions and past experiences that were not serving me and work through them accordingly.

I highly recommend Sara and her work to anyone and everyone that is looking to do something beneficial for their soul. You will not regret it! 

I have been a yoga teacher, mystic, and healer for the past seven years. This was my third retreat in Bali and having Sara there to guide the Breathwork circle on the Full Moon was one of the best experiences we’ve ever offered our retreat attendees. Communication prior to the event was convenient and attentive. She arrived early, set the space, and welcomed everyone into the circle.

During the Breathwork session, Sara held space with power and grace, attending to each person with complete presence. Everyone felt safe and held in her presence, which allowed us to crack wide open. This group bonded together so effortlessly, I believe, in part due to this work. It was beautiful to witness. I cannot say enough about the experience with Sara.

I am trained in the same healing Breathwork, so I knew what to expect from the experience. Although many of our participants are energy workers or have completed many different energy sessions, none of the other them (16 women) had experienced this healing modality. One of them described it as “mind blowing”.

Sara took time to connect with me the day after to see how everyone was feeling and to check in after an intense emotional release.

Working with Sara or adding this to your retreat will transform you! Say YES!


I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Sara’s Breathwork classes in Bali. Sara immediately made me feel safe and open to explore this meditation style. I had two life changing experiences that made such an impact on me that I decided to go to Breathwork training myself.

Sara is a warm and welcoming human who holds a very welcoming and friendly space for you to fully let go and enjoy the session. I would highly recommend her for anyone and any studio looking to explore this unbelievably beneficial form of meditation. I cannot wait for my next session with Sara.


Sara’s Breathwork classes are truly eye-opening. I had no idea what to expect but I was amazed by how beneficial they were. I felt very connected, relaxed and had a spring in my step after the sessions.

The best thing about Breathwork, as a form of meditation, is that anyone—with or without experience—can jump in. What’s more, the individual has complete control over their body when they are breathing.

Breathwork is a great way to re-connect to self and Sara’s facilitation is extremely comforting. She guides you through the experience in a way that makes you feel safe whilst you explore the confines of your mind. That cannot be understated.

I could not recommend Sara’s breath work classes more; they’re great fun!


Breathwork has harnessed Sara’s innate ability to connect you to something larger. It’s an experience unto itself.

Whether in person, in a group, or through a virtual session, Sara’s talent to calm and direct energy leaves you renewed and focused, with a feeling of reaching a place of insight we all so often neglect.

Sara opens you up to allow you access to places within that can always use tending.

It might be best described as a Spring Cleaning for the Soul.

If you have any interest in serious inward reflection and reaching a place of true meaning, work with Sara and let her Breathwork work for you.


Sara is a gift. From the very moment you arrive to the shared space with her, you feel safe, welcome and at ease. Never too aloof or too imposing, she creates a sacred space that you can sink you body into, reminding yourself that you already know how to breathe. Her internal compass for finding the healing path in a given session is astounding; she works hard and beautifully the entire time to usher you along. Worth every second and every cent!


I have never really opened my mind on a deep level, especially with others around me. This made me a little apprehensive to try Breathwork. Soon after I started the session with Sara I realized this was not a problem.

Sara's voice and tone were calming and I felt safe to connect with her. I was also excited to see if the meditation helped my crazy brain slow down and help me sort through some of the issues I was constantly thinking about. I can tell you it certainly did!

The breathing relaxed my brain - which I thought was near impossible. After the session my head was clear and my problems felt more resolved. I would highly recommend Sara and this practice.

I was new to Breathwork and Sara helped guide me through an incredibly difficult time in my life. Her openness, empathy, and soulful compassion made for a true awakening. I find myself continually looking forward to the next session.

I showed up to Sara's Virtual Breathwork session closed off to loved ones, unable to express vital emotions and full of anger. It has been a hard year for me, so I was willing to try anything to chip away at the layers of rancor and bitterness that had gunked up my tubes. With just one session, I felt the muck start to melt away and become replaced with old feelings of joy and love for myself. I cried for the first time in months - I forgot how good it felt to cry.

I don't know how she was able to accomplish such wonder within the hour of our session, but she did it. Perhaps it was the soothing nature of her voice or the utter passion she has for this form of meditation which becomes clear from her beaming, infectious energy - it truly doesn't matter.

Sara's Breathwork sessions are a step towards freedom, self love and joy. I would recommend her to anyone and will continue my practice with her!

My Breathwork session with Sara was a wonderful experience - it was nothing like I was expecting. Throughout the session, Sara guided me in the right direction, she allowed me to listen to my own emotional needs that I didn’t even realize I had. I left the session that night feeling like I knew what I wanted and how to get there.


I’ll be forever grateful to have reconnected with Sara when I did. 

When Sara invited me to Breathwork I had no expectations of what it would be but figured it would be another thing to try. I had tried therapy, self help books and various forms of meditation in the past.

Breathwork with Sara is transcendent. Her unassuming power and grace both guides and makes available the ability to take your own path within the space she creates.

Rather than putting up my own barriers I found myself willingly opening up locked doors I was sure I’d lost the key to a long time ago. In any other setting, confronting these experiences, feelings, and questions would have put me in an extremely vulnerable place, however, with Sara I not only felt at ease but welcomed the opportunity to finally start working through the things that have held me back. 

She’s changed my life and I'm continually in awe of the way she does it.

Sara's gift for finding your soul's deepest ache and most earnest need is remarkable. Her style is both familiar and professional. I felt safe and attended to in some of my most vulnerable moments during the session. I felt so unsure of what I was doing wrong in my life and after trying my hardest to make all the pieces fit together I just wanted someone to show me what to do next. I found the affirmation "I can be healed" and those simple words have unlocked a well of emotions. They have helped me tap into a part of myself that I didn't know I lacked access to.  

Sara's Breathwork sessions are spiritual, yet accessible. She exudes no "holier than thou" attitude. I felt welcomed and at ease with the whole process. She took the time to make me feel comfortable and by speaking about her own journey, she brought me to a place where I felt worthy of experiencing this work just as I am. I finally felt like I didn't need to change to be accepted.

I did a one-on-one Breathwork session with Sara and it was truly the most moving experience I have had in any form of meditation.

It was my first time doing Breathwork and it was vital that I felt comfortable. Sara made me feel incredibly safe and taken care of. I have not gone a single day in the last year without chronic physical pain and during the practice, I experienced relief from my symptoms for the first time. I truly saw the benefit of this self-healing.

I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in Breathwork. I am incredibly grateful for this experience and will definitely be doing it again!

Working with Sara has opened me up to a totally new and radical path. She is a healer that truly understands how to create a safe space for her students to be vulnerable and completely at ease.

Whatever I am facing during a Breathwork session, even the scary and uncomfortable stuff, I can feel Sara’s presence in the distance and I know that I will be ok. I’ve tried many different kinds of meditations with many different guides and I can say for certain that Sara brings a power into the room that I’ve never felt before.

She is a magnificent human, healer and guide, I trust her completely.


Practicing Breathwork with Sara has deepened my connection to myself and helped me to let go of the icky muck that I have carried around. Her kind energy has enabled me to get deep down into the nooks and crannies of my soul and get that spring cleaning done!

I did a group session with Sara after having a weekend of emotional upheavals and I walked with an inability to cry. During Breathwork and with Sara’s help, I was able to let go of the past week and release a mountain of sobs. I walked out feeling lighter than I have in months! She’s a rare gem. Breathwork with her is an experience you won’t want to miss!

When I first showed up, I didn't understand it at all. I laid there feeling self-conscious that I was doing it wrong. I was feeling like there was no way this could work. I eventually caught myself and thought - just appreciate that this is a chunk of time you are dedicating to yourself. 

Suddenly, it was like a faucet opened up. Sara was gently guiding people and when she got to me, without even speaking a word, I started feeling all of these emotions I had not been dealing with. I was facing things I had been avoiding. It was difficult to face but so powerful. I legitimately cried. Sara's nature in leading everyone helped bring out this intensely buried stuff that I suddenly felt I could and needed to face - in a healthy way.

I experienced a couples session with Sara and I have carried my experience with her ever since. Sara's guidance and sincerity provided a safe, wonderful opening for my first Breathwork practice. Her energy was one I immediately trusted, one that feels like home. 

This allowed me to explore the powerful, personal experience that is Breathwork. I left with absolute peace and wholeness. Sara supported my being and my breath.