Sara’s gift for finding your soul’s deepest ache and most earnest need is remarkable. Her style is both familiar and professional. I felt safe and attended to in some of my most vulnerable moments during the session. I felt so unsure of what I was doing wrong in my life and after trying my hardest to make all the pieces fit together I just wanted someone to show me what to do next. I found the affirmation “I can be healed” and those simple words have unlocked a well of emotions. They have helped me tap into a part of myself that I didn’t know I lacked access to.

Sara’s Breathwork sessions are spiritual, yet accessible. She exudes no “holier than thou” attitude. I felt welcomed and at ease with the whole process. She took the time to make me feel comfortable and by speaking about her own journey, she brought me to a place where I felt worthy of experiencing this work just as I am. I finally felt like I didn’t need to change to be accepted.
— Courtney McCabe, Construction Manager
When I first showed up, I didn’t understand it at all. I laid there feeling self-conscious that I was doing it wrong. I was feeling like there was no way this could work. I eventually caught myself and thought - just appreciate that this is a chunk of time you are dedicating to yourself.

Suddenly, it was like a faucet opened up. Sara was gently guiding people and when she got to me, without even speaking a word, I started feeling all of these emotions I had not been dealing with. I was facing things I had been avoiding. It was difficult to face but so powerful. I legitimately cried. Sara’s nature in leading everyone helped bring out this intensely buried stuff that I suddenly felt I could and needed to face - in a healthy way.
— Micah Rich, Business Owner
Working with Sara has opened me up to a totally new and radical path. She is a healer that truly understands how to create a safe space for her students to be vulnerable and completely at ease. Whatever I am facing during a breathwork session, even the scary and uncomfortable stuff, I can feel Sara’s presence in the distance and I know that I will be ok. I’ve tried many different kinds of meditations with many different guides and I can say for certain that Sara brings a power into the room that I’ve never felt before. She is a magnificent human, healer and guide, I trust her completely.
— Sarah Fox Tracy, Non-Profit Director
I did a one-on-one breath work session with Sara and it was truly the most moving experience I have had in any form of meditation. It was my first time doing Breathwork and it was vital that I felt comfortable. Sara made me feel incredibly safe and taken care of. I have not gone a single day in the last year without chronic physical pain. During the practice, I experienced relief from my symptoms for the first time, and truly saw the benefit of this self-healing. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in breath work. I am incredibly grateful for this experience and will definitely be doing it again!
— Emily Palmer, Research Coordinator
Practicing Breathwork with Sara has deepened my connection to myself and helped me to let go of the icky muck that I have carried around. Her kind energy has enabled me to get deep down into the nooks and crannies of my soul and get that spring cleaning done! I did a group session with Sara after having a weekend of emotional upheavals and I walked with an inability to cry. During Breathwork and with Sara’s help, I was able to let go of the past week and release a mountain of sobs. I walked out feeling lighter than I have in months! She’s a rare gem. Breathwork with her is an experience you won’t want to miss!
— Catie Cushing, Women and Gender Studies Student